Briefing Analysts

Industry analysts are a critical part of any influencer campaign – and one of the toughest parts to get right. When thinking about how to influence an analyst, many marketers and communicators mistakenly believe that everything starts with the analyst briefing. “We have to brief the analysts before we launch!” is often heard. My perspective is that the analyst briefing is actually one of the LAST things you want to be doing with an analyst. Indeed, the vast majority of your analyst activities should actually lead up to the analyst briefing.

Regardless of when you do brief the analysts, you want to get it right. Analysts listen to hundreds of briefings a year – some exciting but most, well, let’s just say most are somewhat less than exciting. Think PowerPoint slide after PowerPoint slide with lots of text and a one way discussion. The only person not asleep is the actual presenter! To stand out you want to be crisp, compelling and conversational. You do not want to do a one way core dump all about your product.

There are a lot of excellent articles and posts on how to do an analyst briefing which I will be highlighting in this blog. This week Hank Barnes of Gartner published an excellent post on ‘The Art of the Analyst Briefing (How to Engage and Reduce Skepticism). Hank details the challenges of briefing analysts and presents a 4 step approach, which is:

  • Step 1 – Align Goals for the briefing
  • Step 2 – Tell a Story
  • Step 3 – Optimize the Materials
  • Step 4 – Test for Authenticity

It is an excellent read – please let me know what you think!