True Story – How to Combine Story and Actions to Transform your Business

True Story was published in mid 2013 and is an excellent book on that addresses a timely subject. Authored by Ty Montague, the outlines the growing importance of ‘story-telling’ and the recent trend toward ‘story-doing’. His first, and one of the most compelling case studies, is Red Bull and the excellent job that Red Bull has done communicating its corporate brand. Indeed, it actually takes some looking around on Red Bull’s home page to actually find content on its products. Instead, the site is focused on the various exciting adventure sports that are part of the Red Bull world.

The heart of the book is addressing what Ty calls an organization’s ‘Metastory’ and its four cornerstones:

Participants – Who we are for
Protagonist – Our story today
Stage – The world we are doing business in
Quest – Our driving ambition and contribution to the world

As Ty states, in storydoing the metastory defines and drives all the actions a company takes.

There is a great deal of excellent content in True Story which I will highlight and share. It is an excellent read and highly recommended for both communications and business people.