The Ultimate Moment of Truth

Brian Solis is one of the foremost thinkers on marketing and communications – you can read his posts on the excellent His recent post on ‘The Ultimate Moment of Truth and the Art of Digital Engagement’ extends Google’s Zero Moment of Truth concept to include what he refers to as ‘Shared Experiences’. The Ultimate Moment of Truth is ‘that moment where people who convert an experience into discoverable content in any one of the countless social platforms people use to stay connected these days’. Brian has included an excellent graphic that communicates this point.

For marketing teams, having customers talk about and share positive experiences about a brand – either a product or a service – is the ‘ultimate’ objective. Often it happens by itself – consumers simply have a positive experience and share on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Of course, those consumers who have a negative experience can do the same.

The challenge for marketers is twofold – encouraging those who are inclined to share and nurturing those who might not have thought of sharing. Enabling and promoting positive sharing by consumers who might not have shared their experiences is helped if there are programs to encourage it. Building programs that encourages and promotes ‘positive sharing’ can have a huge impact in terms of customer loyalty and lower cost of customer acquisition.

The post includes a link to a free paper and interview developed with the Google ZMOT team, “Give Them Something to Talk About: Brian Solis on the Art of Engagement.” Well worth a read.